UG Plenum Cap

The UG Plenum Cap System combines an aluminum extrusion with a thermal insulation panel that provides a flush, walkable surface, suspended in the interstitial region above the ceiling.


The plenum cap is hung with 3/8“ threaded rod and clamped to the underside of the building structure. The aluminum plenum extrusion has a continuous track on the top and bottom side which accommodates a modular threaded rod layout. The system also utilizes an integral batten at each member which securely locks each insulated panel in place and also provides a flush joint.

The system is also designed to allow items such as process piping, ducts, mini-environments and cleanroom ceiling grid to be suspended beneath without adding additional structural members.

The plenum rails are extruded to accept 3” panels or 1/2 “ panels. The selection between panel depth is based on the need for an insulated barrier and if the area above needs to be walkable. The 3” insulated panels have an R-value and the strength to support a maintenance load. In many cases, 1/2” panels can be used when the Plenum Cap is not needed to be walkable due to space limitation.

Companies that use UG Plenum Cap System

Project Profile


The University at Albany uses UG Plenum to support their supply and exhaust ductworks in addition to the walkable ceiling system. The system separates the interstitial space from the fireproofing on the trusses.

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