UG Ceiling Systems provides patented ceiling solutions that are innovating within the advanced technology market and used by leading firms worldwide. The UG Ceiling System product line features the UG‐1 Ceiling Grid System, UG‐Lite Ceiling Grid System, and UG Plenum Cap System.

The engineers at UG Ceiling Systems addressed the needs of the advanced technology industry, specifically the microelectronics industry, when they designed UG‐1 and UG‐Lite Ceiling Grid Systems. Our flagship product, UG‐1 Ceiling System, is a rugged, heavy duty structurally walkable ceiling grid capable of supporting a maintenance live load and a heavy point load anywhere along its face. Many clients use the strength of this system to support mini‐environments and automated track systems.

All of our pre‐engineered solutions are designed to work with the components required in cleanrooms. Hold down clips for HEPA filters, lights, ionization bars, smoke detectors, OUP’s and occupancy sensors are all easily integrated into UG Ceiling Systems. As such, our patented systems are specified by leading engineering firms for use on Cleanroom projects throughout the world.

While the UG Ceiling Systems were designed to address the needs of cleanrooms within the microelectronic industry, they have also provided effective solution in the following applications: Life Sciences, Data Centers, Semi-Conductor Cleanroom Spaces, and Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Spaces.

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Our team can provide structural calculations for the connections to the building structure or for the hanging loads required.