UG-Lite Ceiling Grid System

Users of this system need a heavy duty ceiling grid with the ability to support filters and lights without secondary chains/wires attached to the deck. They do not need to walk on the ceiling or support pipe racks below the grid.


Adapted from its more rugged patented design, UG‐Lite is a heavy duty and flexible ceiling grid system. The main feature of UG‐Lite is its design flexibility and easy field installation.

UG‐Lite is a non-walkable 2″ tee ceiling system that is rod hung and leveled with turnbuckles for plenty of strength to support your ULPA or HEPA filters, lights and blank panels. The 2” wide extruded aluminum tee grid is hung from a 1/4″ ‐ 20 threaded rod suspension system. The grid layout works off of a 24” x 48” module. Its 2” gasketed grid with 1/4” x 3/8” pressure sensitive gasket provides a seal between the flange and the filter or light fixture.

Like UG‐1, UG‐Lite uses the same flexible hardware accessories, clips, and hold‐downs. This provides a unique ability to interchange parts and accessories.

Companies that use UG-Lite Ceiling Grid System

Project Profile


At Merck, UG‐Lite was installed in the Labs to seal and support the lights, overhead utility panels, and metal ceiling tiles.

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